Our Story

After having my daughter, I felt lost in who I was meant to be & what my purpose was outside of being a wife & mother. I believe this is very common for mothers, but also a common feeling for anyone who has experienced something life altering. I didn't want to lose who I was before having children. 
Around October of 2020, I was switching out my clothes for the fall & winter seasons. The issue - not many pieces screamed "keep me" & not many pieces fit in a way that I felt comfortable. So my solution was to purge my wardrobe, which resulted in everything I owned fitting in my drawers & closet leaving nothing to put in storage.
It felt like a blank slate. Removing clothes I still had from high school. Removing clothes that I didn't think were flattering on my postpartum body. Allowing me a chance to find new pieces that made me feel confident & beautiful in this new season of life.
I didn't begin my search for new clothing at the big box stores, but instead with boutiques through Instagram and boy did that spark a love for small businesses. I simply couldn't get enough then one day it hit me to start my own thing because maybe somewhere out there someone else was having the same struggles.
Thus began the journey of Wildflower Found.

The name "Wildflower Found" has two meanings to me.

One :: When it comes to clothing everyone has different tastes and different preferences for their body type. So we begin hunting for that beautiful wildflower //piece of clothing\\ that stands out and jump for joy when we find the perfect piece.
Two :: You are the beautiful wildflower & when you find the piece of clothing the brings your confidence forward it is then that you truly embrace your God given beauty.